Wednesday, Jan 7th

Today we take a last morning game drive before heading to Tintswalo in the Myalenti Game Reserve. And boy did we come across some big game. First off this giant yellow bird who’s name I forget.X-T1__DSF3871_150108 This little guy will build 5-6 nests for his potential mate to choose from and if she declines he’ll tear’em all down and start over. I’m glad Lynn already had her own house!

Found another leopard in a tree this time munching on a small warthog. They take their kills up a tree so that other predators, primarily lions, don’t come around for a free snX-T1__DSF3985_150108ack. You can find a lion in a tree if it’s leaning over ’cause they’re not such great climbers. On many of the big trees you could readily see the claw marks of the leopards. You can see what a skinny branch this guy is standing on – it’s about the size of his paws. Wonder if they ever lose their balance?

Don’t remember if this was the particular leopard sighting or not but there was one where the tree was on the bank of a creek and our Land Rover was on the other pointed down into the creek. When we went to leave Jabu put the truck into 1st gear rather than reverse practically running Jack into a tree and startling the leopard. This was the second time Jack wound up on the wrong end of Jabu’s driving. Great tracker but meh on the driving.

Just down the road when ran into the cousin of the recently deceased warthog. The warthog is one of the Ugly 5 animals of Africa. The others are the wildebeest, hyena, vulture and marabou stork. We’ve seen the hyena and wildebeest so we’ve checked off three on our list.X-T1__DSF4058_150108

The last sighting of our adventure was this beautiful chameleon. It was amazing how Jack could pick these things out sitting on a leafy tree branX-T1__DSF4100_150108ch.

This is the end of our stay at Sabi Sabi. Our ride to Tintswalo is here. The adventure continues…





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