Time Traveler, Episode 1

OK then. Here’s where I start making up for all the times I haven’t posted and should have. As most of our regular readers (heh, heh) know, Lynn and I have been doing lots of traveling over the past few years and if you haven’t been over for dinner then you haven’t seen many photos from us so I’ll try to change that starting now. Those of you who have been to dinner, thanks for putting up with me.

Now these aren’t going to be in chronological order ’cause I’m not that anal. And mostly because some stuff is on  the external drive connected to my laptop today while the bulk of it is archived on my main machine.

So let’s start with Austria in August, 2014. We flew in to Vienna where we picked up a car and drove to Salzburg for a few days before moving on to a very nice B&B near a famous big mountain where we rode on top of the gondola. I’m sure Lynn remembers where it was but she’s on the phone with her Uncle Doug right now so I can’t ask her. We stayed there for a day or so before returning to Vienna to finish our trip.

Here’s some pics from the trip…


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