Scenes from the Bay

Remembering Thanksgiving, 2017

I must have been feeling a bit nostalgic this afternoon. I was stumbling through my catalog of images trying to find something to occupy my mind when I came across the ones you see here.

It was a beautiful Thanksgiving evening on Matagorda Bay at Port O’Connor, TX. The evenings aren’t always like this or like the sunrise two days earlier at the top of this post. And the water is almost always brown as the bay is so shallow. But this night was something to behold.

The house sits across the street from a small county park and has a nice fishing pier that you see in several of the photos. The fishermen got lucky this night with a big school of pompano sitting right by the pier. They were reeling in one after another. And there were dozens and dozens of pelicans. In the 30+ years we’ve had the bay house I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 6-8 at one time.

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