On the Road Again

Stayin’ at Home

Well, here we are on the umpty-third day of stay at home but I ain’t complaining even if it is 49° and raining. Sitting here in my studio with the aspen trees along the drive budding out, lots of little birds flying around, and some good music filling the room. I’d turn on the fireplace but there’s a damn woodpecker that’s drilled a hole in the chimney and I’d hate to roast him. I do have a slingshot though. Gonna nail that sucker one day.

Hope this finds everyone safe and secure in these perilous times. I understand the meaning of Madge’s dishpan hands now, but I’m freaking using Palmolive and my fingers still feel like 40 grit sandpaper. Wash your hands. Wear a mask when you go out. Give people space. Let’s be careful out there.

Argentina-Chile Redux

I was looking to do something productive photographically this morning and figured I’d find something to post on IG and FB. That’s easy enough to do and then I could take a nap. Yeah.

So I did that and then I thought to myself “you should put these on the blog too”. Not that a whole lot of people are going to see them but whatever. Then I discovered that 2 years ago I started a blog post after our trip to Chile and Argentina and never followed up the post with photos and other comments.

With that in mind, these photos are from the middle of the trip. We had spent several days in the Salta region of Argentina touring wineries and were headed across the Andes to Chile by way of Paso Sico.

Come back later in the week to see some more…

Roaming Around Chile

These photos are from the Atacama Desert in northern Chile and Patagonia in the far south.

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