Family Photos, Vol. 1

It’s a Family Affair

I’ve started scanning old photos that I found when I was going through my Mom’s things after she passed away. This is just a quick and dirty compilation until I have more time. It’s amazing how much I remember and how much must be lost over the years. Hopefully the rest of the family can join in and we’ll make a bigger collection.


8 thoughts on “Family Photos, Vol. 1

  1. I didn’t realize you were quite the cowboy. The pictures in Grandpa’s backyard bring back so many good memories. Of course. I’m in Daddy’s arms. I was a Daddy’s girl from the get go! Great pictures, Charles. Your Mother was so pretty her whole life! Your Dad was so distinguished and I remember he always wore suits, ties, hats, and boots. Thanks!

    1. I had never seen any of those photos that I can remember. I can’t imagine how many others have been lost one way or the other. She was beautiful, too bad I took after my Dad so much. He was quite the clothes horse. He would’ve been amazed at my wardrobe while I was working. I have 4 sport coats, a suit, and 3 pairs of slacks that I’ve never worn! And ties.

  2. Charles, that was Nan in the picture you were wondering about in Grandpa’s back yard. I was with my Daddy no matter where he was. At the Taft Pool, that did look like you in the back ground. Nan and I were always ahead of our friends in swimming and diving. Every time we went to The River Ranch in the summer, Aunt Lucille made us swim until we qualified for the appropriate badge in swimming. Uncle Jack made us dive from the lower and higher diving boards until we made him happy. I remember when he told me to go up on the high board and do a back flip. I looked at him and he told me if I could do it on the low board, I could do it on the high board. As I was climbing up the ladder I was so scared and looking down from the edge of the board was staggering. He said, come on, Beth, you can do it. I turned around and just jumped off in a ball and came to the surface of the water with a big smile on his face! Good Memories!

    1. I loved my summers at camp. Going to the movies with Aunt Lucille, picking up grass for the horses with Uncle Jack, and having so many family members in the house. I had to quit picking up grass with Uncle Jack after his brain surgery to remove tumors. He lost his sense of taste and ate very, extremely over-ripe peaches by the bushel. He’d reach over the seat and pick up a squishy peach and just slurp it down. It ruined my appetite for pancakes at the motel coffee shop next door to the camp.

  3. You seem to favor your Dad in appearance, but you have your Mother’s love for the family, kindness in her heart, her Christian beliefs, and generosity to all. Oh and, love for the Guedin land. She loved the Guedin land, as do you. She is 1 of the 3 Souls I will always miss and love.

  4. Charles, I always buy different Valentine’s for the “Special” family members. This year, Valentine’s got here before I was able to buy Valentine’s for everyone in the family, but I still had my special Valentine’s. Yesterday, I sat down to address my Valentine’s. Jackie, Terry, and I had 1 left over – Aunt Lorraine’s…

  5. Charles
    I hope you didn’t think your B’day presents were too weird. A lot of thought went into what to get for you. I wanted it to be things you would remember. I wanted to make you SMILE and think of me actually being there giving them to you! Even saying WHAT THE HELL? Oh well, hope you had a MAGICAL birthday, as Mickey Mouse would say!

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