Monday village visit, Jan 5th

Are these posts getting too long? Sorry, but I’m remembering for my own benefit and for the family who I hope is interested. Anyway…

Monday after lunch we took off to visit a local village of some 3000+ people. Dusty dirt roads, red cinder block homes, laundry hanging in the yard, and people lining up to get water to take home from communal taps. In spite of the poverty these are happy people or at least they appear that way to us the tourists. We met a traditional healer who told Liz she would have a happy life with a good husband and three kids. I for one can’t wait for that! We stopped at a local school which was off for break but did see some sweet kids. It was depressing and heartwarming at the same time. Difficult to explain, guess you had to be there. The kids were just a joy.

One thought on “Monday village visit, Jan 5th

  1. I loved the trip to the village! The kids were the best part. They were more than happy to pose with you for selfies and were just a delight to be around. However, I was a bit disappointed that the healer could not predict my political future :)) Great trip and great fellow travelers!

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